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Yearly subscription for Source-Connect Standard. Billed $385 each year with no initial fee. All prices in US dollars.

System Requirements - Mac OS 10.8 to 11 or Windows 10.

Subscription terms:

For more information on managing, creating and cancelling subscriptions see http://source-elements.com/info/subscriptions

Source-Connect Standard yearly subscription


Source-Connect Standard Subscription for Mac OSX or Windows:


Billed $385 each year with no initialisation fee.

System Requirements - Mac OS 10.8 to 11 or Windows 10.

Source-Connect Standard is the typical version used by a VO talent and requested by studios and producers for Voice-Over work. It provides more stable connections compared to other consumer communications based solutions that are designed for a connection more geared for "intelligibility" compared to actual "fidelity". Source-Connect is about high-quality audio in both directions, thus making it the industry choice for voice-over talent to connect to recording studios that are wanting reliable high-quality audio in their remote recording workflow.

This is the right version for the Voice or musical talent. If you are a Recording Studio (the other side of the connection) then please take a look at the Source-Connect Pro Subscription or Buyout.

Source-Connect Standard is used in Voice Over, Remote recording, music overdubbing, ADR or Automatic Dialog Replacement for film, tv and animation, podcasts, interviews, review and approval and is invaluable to the remote recording workflow.

Unlike Skype, Zoom, Teams or Meet and other general communications programs Source-Connect Standard will never distort in time or frequency. In other words, it will not stretch time or compress time (speeding up and down) or change the audio fidelity in an effort to mask any error of transmission that inevitably happen when using the internet.

Please take a look at our Userguide for Source-Connect Standard or join our Academy and take the Source-Connect Standard Certification Course.


Additional Features of Source-Connect Standard:


Source-Connect Standard Q-manager: This Q-manager restore feature provides a guarantee that the audio captured or recorded at the recording side's DAW is restored even if a glitch is observed in real-time because of a bandwidth jitter or drop-out on the internet. If the talent opens Q-manager, as well as the recording studio, then Q-manager will send any missing packets to the recording studio side provided that the studio is using Source-Connect Pro and has Q-manager open too.

Source-Connect Link Plugin: To route audio in and out of a DAW so that a processed (or even in sync to picture or music) performance can be sent from a talent to the recording side of a connection, the Source-Connect Link (VST/AU/AAX/RTAS) plugin is included with Source-Connect Standard.

ReWire plugin: This is also installed for use with RTS (Remote Transport Sync) in ADR (Automatic Dialogue Replacement) or dubbing.


Videos of Source-Connect Standard in Action:


Here is a video that introduces Source-Connect Standard and how it works.


Here is another video that is useful for helping you get started with Source-Connect from purchase all the way to the session. George's video is very thorough (Thanks George). Note this video about using Source-Connect Standard for Voice Over Talent is over an hour long. So get some tea and snacks and make sure you have access to your browser. Remember you can use the pause button if you need to catch up.


Subscription terms:

For more information on managing, creating and cancelling subscriptions see http://source-elements.com/info/subscriptions