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Source-Connect Standard 3.9 Certification

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In this online course, you will learn how to use Source-Connect Standard 3.9 in a professional context, including lessons on audio basics and simple networks.

Course time: 1-3 hours

Course requirements: Course content can be completed on a computer, phone, or tablet, however a desktop computer is recommended for the end of course exam.

Source-Connect Standard 3.9 Certification

After successful payment, you will be automatically notified about payment confirmation. Your course enrolment and access will be set up by our support staff and you will be emailed with information within 48 hours. If you don't hear back within 48 hours, then feel free to reach out to our academy team at academy@source-elements.com

This online course consists of 5 written lessons, with each lesson containing several topics and quizzes.

When you have completed the lessons and quizzes, there is an exam in two parts.  Once you have passed the exam you will receive a certificate that you can download.

When you have your certificate and have used your knowledge to set up Source-Connect and your studio correctly, please email academy@source-elements.com and we will arrange a time to test your connection and set-up.  If you are set up satisfactorily, you will receive the “C” for Certification on your Source Elements account.  This also puts you at the top of search results within the Source-Elements dashboard.