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System requirements: A Mac with macOS 10.11 to macOS 12 or A PC machine running Windows 10 64 bit.

NOTE: Legacy versions older are no longer available for sale.


Source-Nexus Subscription


Source-Nexus: Time to be powerful.

Source-Nexus 1.3 for MacOS 10.11 to 12 or Windows 10 64-bit, subscription license


What's new? 

Visit https://www.source-elements.com/products/source-nexus/

Known issues, June 2021
  • Source-Nexus 1.3 is not backwards compatible, but users upgrading from 1.2 will be able to continue using 1.2 as well while they transition over
  • There is a bug where you cannot use the same audio device in multiple Source-Nexus plugins. We’re working on a fix and will release a patch update shortly.


Learn more at https://www.source-elements.com/products/source-nexus/



Looking for the Windows version? It's here - just download the windows version!



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