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Source-Nexus : Time to be powerful.

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What’s included?

  • Source-Nexus I/O: Unlock your signal flow and stream audio between plugin hosts or audio devices. Endless flexibility
  • Source-Nexus Review: Transform video calls into flawless session experiences in a few clicks. It’s really that simple!
  • Source-Nexus Router: Advanced audio routing from any device and channel, a powerful patchbay
  • Source-Nexus Gateway: Host powerful sessions with high-quality audio & video streaming to guests in a browser.

Product Specifications

  • Operating system support:
    Mac: Mojave (10.14.6), macOS Ventura (13.5)*Win: Windows 10, Windows 11 is NOT supported at this time*Supported on Intel Macs and Apple silicon Macs (Apple M-series chips) in Rosetta 2 & native
  • Browser Support:
    Chrome, Edge, and any Chrome variants on desktops and mobile devices.*Connection with a minimum of 1Mbps up/down available.*When streaming a Source-Nexus Audio Broadcast as a host, it is necessary to use Chrome on a desktop computer:
  • Plug in Formats:
    AAX, AU, VST3 (64-bit)
  • Supported hosts:
    Logic Pro 10.7, Live 11, FL Studio 21, Pro Tools 2023, Cubase 12, Studio One 6, REAPER 6, Cakewalk by Bandlab, Audition, MASCHINE, Wavelab 11, Davinci Resolve 18, Nuendo 12, Reason 12.5., etc.


Learn more at: https://www.source-elements.com/products/source-nexus