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As low as $45.00
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Premium quality, secure, budget-friendly, ultra-low-latency live broadcasting for audio and video professionals. 


Source-Live Pro: Low Latency-500 Hours-Yearly

MAC OS & Windows SUB_LIVE-500 Hours-Yearly

Premium quality, secure, budget-friendly, ultra-low-latency live broadcasting for audio and video professionals. Capture multiple windows, screens or external video capture input devices up to 2K resolution and broadcast latencies so low you'll hold your breath in disbelief.

Bandwidth usage

Source-Live Pro LowLatency ("Source-Live LL") is priced by viewer-hours*. This is to ensure that the underlying technology and infrastructure keeps working smoothly at low latency; the equipment, man hours, easements, and technology required to carry the service are expensive. Bandwidth is also a limited commodity based on location and distance from an exchange: the further you are, the more expensive it becomes.


We have designed pricing and usage to be very simple and easy to use. Source-Live LL viewer-hours* are priced according to the plan you choose. While streaming, the app will let you know how much time you are using. When you use up all the hours you will be emailed to upgrade your plan so you can continue streaming.

Each plan has a maximum allowance of viewer-hours that do not carry over to the next month. If you upgrade or downgrade your plan, you will be increasing or decreasing, respectively, the maximum number of viewer-hours per month.

* Viewer-hours are counted per viewer per hour. E.g. 2 viewers watching your stream for 1 hour count as 2 viewer-hours from your monthly viewer-hours allowance.

** NOTE: Extra hours expire when your subscription rolls over - hours do NOT roll over. So you should be careful to only purchase what you need for your current subscription cycle.

You can buy additional hours when you need directly from your subscription: https://store.source-elements.com/subscription/profile

Stream limits

The trial plan will automatically stop streaming after 1 hour.
Plans 10 and 100 stop after 5 hours.
Plans 250 and 500 stop after 12 hours.
You can resume the stream immediately, your clients will not be disconnected from the Gateway.



Viewer hours

Total price per month

1st month price + $75 setup

Source-Live Pro 10 pack




Source-Live Pro 25 pack

25 hours



Source-Live Pro 100 pack

100 hours



Source-Live Pro 250 pack

250 hours



Source-Live Pro 500 pack

500 hours 





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