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Subscription Details

Subscription Details
Frequency : Monthly
Renews Every : 1 Month
One Time Fee : $75.00

Monthly subscription for Source-Connect Pro X for macOS. Billed $105 each month with $75 set-up fee. All prices in US dollars.


Source-Connect Pro X 3.9 Subscription



Source-Connect Pro X Subscription for macOS. Billed $175 each month with $75 set-up fee.

Subscription terms

The $75 setup fee reapplies if a subscription is stopped and restarted anytime that the previous subscription cycle is three continuous months or less. When restarting a subscription and when the previous subscription cycle was four months or longer please contact us (support@source-elements.com) for purchasing instructions to bypass the $75 setup.

For more information on managing, creating and cancelling subscriptions see https://source-elements.com/info/subscriptions

PLEASE NOTE: The Nexus routing product is a separate purchase and is not included, but it is highly recommended as a companion app.